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Being able to listen well and being able to communicate your thoughts and ideas to other are vital skills for learning.

We communicate in lots of different ways:

  • Through the things we say
  • With the tone of our voice
  • With our body language
  • By listening carefully to others
  • By being able to respond to others thoughts and opinions

Group activities

  • In pairs sitting next to each other try explaining what you did at the weekend by talking.
  • Now do the same thing again, but this time one person should go outside (ask the teacher first) or across the room and try to explain what you did at the weekend without words, using only gestures.
  • Pick one of the other things you have produced already today (maybe a poster, a picture or a PowerPoint) and record yourselves describing and explaining it. Use a microphone and laptop.
  • Play a game of 20 questions. Think carefully about the questions you ask.
  • Learn the alphabet in British Sign Language (BSL) using the links below and the finger spelling chart