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Multiple intelligences

Everybody has a unique set of skills and abilities, but putting those abilities (or intelligences) into categories can help us understand how we learn best.

The main areas of intelligence (or skills) are:

Intelligence typePeople with this intelligence
are skilled with
Linguisticwords and language
Logical-Mathematicallogic and numbers
Musicalmusic, sound, rhythm
Bodily-Kinesthetic body movement control
Spatial-Visualimages and space
Interpersonalother people's feelings
  Natural  awareness of the environment

Group activities

  • Find out more detail about the different areas of intelligence
  • Write / draw diagrams / produce a PowerPoint / etc about the things people who are skilled in each intelligence might be good at.
  • Discuss which of the intelligences are more important for doing well in each of your subjects (Maths, English, PE etc)

Individual activities

  • Which intelligences do you think you have the more skill in?
  • Try taking a Multiple intelligences test and then write down (or draw a diagram) the areas you are strong in and the areas (or intelligences) that you need to try and improve to increase your ability to learn in all your subjects
  • Set yourself three targets of things you want to try to do to improve something specific. (E.G. Practice describing something you have read about to someone, to improve your linguistic and speaking skills)